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If you're facing difficulties with your OnePlus LED TV, worry not, because Sri Vinayaga Electronics is your trusted destination for OnePlus TV service in Coimbatore. We specialize in OnePlus TV repair, offering dependable solutions to elevate your viewing experience. Our skilled technicians, armed with expertise and experience, provide top-notch OnePlus LED TV repair services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it's a minor issue or a major repair, we have the know-how to address all kinds of problems. From resolving display and sound issues to tackling software glitches and connectivity problems, we diagnose and rectify them efficiently. For all your OnePlus TV needs, choose "OnePlus TV service center Coimbatore" for a seamless and enhanced TV experience.
We offer a wide range of repair of all OnePlus LED TV Repair Service, including:

  • Power supply repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Sound repair
  • HDMI port repair
  • Remote control repair
  • Mother board repair
  • Backlight repair
  • Software update & Screen lines


When you reach out to us for OnePlus LED TV repair in Coimbatore, our technicians will carefully analyze the issue you are facing. They will employ advanced diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of the problem accurately.

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Clean Appliances

After diagnosing the issue, you will receive a detailed repair estimate outlining steps, parts, and costs. You can rest assured that there will be no hidden charges or surprises.

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Professional Repairs

With your consent, our skilled technicians will promptly initiate the repair process, ensuring efficient restoration of your device to optimal functionality. They will handle your OnePlus LED TV with utmost care and precision, ensuring that the repair work is carried out efficiently and effectively.

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Genuine Parts

If any components need to be replaced, we will utilize genuine OnePlus parts to maintain the quality and integrity of your television. Skilled technicians adeptly handle delicate electronics, ensuring replacements are installed with precision and expertise for seamless performance.

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Thorough Testing

After the repair work is completed, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that your OnePlus LED TV is functioning optimally. We scrutinize every aspect, including picture quality, audio performance, connectivity, and software functionality.

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Delivery and Warranty

Once we are satisfied with the repairs, we will promptly deliver your OnePlus LED TV back to you. We offer a warranty on our repair services, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of our workmanship.

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At Sri Vinayaga Electronics, your trusted OnePlus TV service center in Coimbatore, our expert technicians possess extensive knowledge and experience, staying current with the latest technological advancements to effectively diagnose and resolve issues. We prioritize prompt service, ensuring minimal disruption to your entertainment experience. Utilizing only genuine OnePlus replacement parts, we guarantee the highest quality repairs, restoring your OnePlus LED TV to optimal performance. Our competitive pricing model, free from hidden costs, offers exceptional value for your investment. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means your queries are promptly addressed, ensuring a hassle-free repair experience. Count on us to rejuvenate your OnePlus TV.

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FAQ Questions

Our skilled technicians at Sri Vinayaga Electronics are equipped to handle a wide range of OnePlus LED TV problems. This includes power supply repair, screen replacement, sound repair, HDMI port repair, remote control repair, circuit board repair, backlight repair, and more. We address both minor and major issues to ensure your TV functions optimally.

Our technicians possess extensive knowledge and experience in repairing OnePlus LED TVs. They stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, ensuring efficient diagnosis and resolution of issues, whether it's related to display, sound, software glitches, or connectivity.

Yes, at Sri Vinayaga Electronics, we only use genuine OnePlus replacement parts to guarantee the highest quality repairs. This ensures that your OnePlus LED TV is restored to its optimal performance, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting solution.

We understand the importance of an immediate turnaround time. Our commitment to prompt service ensures minimal disruption to your entertainment experience. We strive to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently so that you can enjoy your TV as soon as possible.
We offer competitive pricing for our OnePlus LED TV repair services without any hidden costs. Our transparent pricing assures that you get excellent value for your investment. We believe in providing trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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